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Hydraulic Tie Rod Nuts

Often looked at as a special cylinder, a Hydraulic Tie Rod Nut is both a traditional fastener and a hydraulic cylinder rolled into one. Used in the pre-loading of high stress members (tie rods), the hydraulic tie rod nut makes tensioning easy and safe.

This configuration works within the elastic limit of the rod (or bolt), stretching it in order to induce a tensile load to keep structures mechanically held together. By applying hydraulic pressure to the nut, the unit expands, stretching the rod to a pre-determined length. A precision ground shim is then inserted, keeping the tension in the rod, while the hydraulic pressure is relieved. The result is a pre-loaded rod, without the use of thermal expansion, able to return to it original state by simply reversing the stretching process.

If you have a system currently using a traditional heated pre-loading system, call Ro-Matt and ask how a Hydraulic Tie Rod Nut and High Tensile Rod configuration can be applied. Your maintenance department will be happy that you did.

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