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Hydro-Pierce Cylinders

Originally designed for in-die piercing in the hydroforming industry, these small but powerful cylinders look like nothing ever before seen in the marketplace. That is because this industry could not use readily available cylinder products to do the job efficiently and consistently in this harsh environment.

With features such as components made from alloy steels, internal anti-rotation systems, unique porting configurations and high endurance sealing systems, it is no wonder why the leaders in the in-die piercing arena use Ro-Matt cylinders exclusively for their prototyping, manufacturing and production processes.

Ro-Matt will design a cylinder product that can be used to replace a standard configuration or provide a custom design, delivering unsurpassed quality, strength and long life between maintenance cycles. Operating at pressures up to 5,000 psi (340 bar), our cylinders endure millions of strokes, often having seals and components lasting far longer than punches and other die components.

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