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Presses and Shears

When Ro-Matt first started building custom machinery, we started out manufacturing a line of specialized presses and shears to solve our customer's productivity requirements.

Our experience had us working on these types of machines for more than half a century and we have just about seen it all. We took what worked and improved upon those things that needed to be enhanced, providing our customer with unique solutions to age-old production issues.

By incorporating automation to our equipment such as load / unload systems, walking beams and part transfers, this equipment became seamless in its operation, having all of the systems work together, as one. By customizing and dedicating the use of the equipment, the machinery could be made to run faster, stronger and become optimized to manufacture the parts perfectly.

So many Ro-Matt customers see the value in our engineered solutions. Join them and make your company the one to follow when it comes to manufacturing goods requiring specialized presses and shearing systems.

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