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Specialized and Custom Machinery

One should never forget where they came from. Ro-Matt International together with our sister company Romeo Machine Shop and Manufacturing have been in the machine repair and manufacturing business for over 80 years. In that time, we have just about seen it all.

Ro-Matt's custom design and build talent arose from our desire to make machinery better, safer and more productive. We saw what worked and what did not and designed our machinery to be an improvement to what was available in the marketplace. We were able to offer special and dedicated systems to assist our customers gain that critical edge required for them to move to the front of their respective fields.

We currently offer solutions that include:
  • Piercing and Shearing Machinery
  • Testing Machines (Destructive, Non-Destructive or Endurance)
  • Custom Machining and Material Removal Equipment
  • Forming and Forging Equipment
  • Assembly Equipment
As we have done for our many customers, we can do the same for you. Let Ro-Matt assist by creating a unique solution for your special manufacturing needs today.

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