Welcome to our Partner Portal

This page contains many useful tools and information for our customers and vendors. These tools include links and/or information for files sharing, standard documents and more. Please use the table below to find the tool or information you are looking for.

Note – As of January 1st 2023, we have removed our traditional FTP & Web FTP server access to improve security.  Please see the alternative methods below.

If you require CAD files, manuals, drawings, or other documentation, please fill out the form found at the link below.

Please allow up to 48 hours to for a response for our team. If it is an urgent matter, we recommend that you to call our office for immediate assistance.

Please proceed to http://wetransfer.com and manually send files using their free safe & secure service. This service will allow all file types with a maximum size of 2 GB. Please select the “Free” option if prompted.  Wetransfer may require you to confirm your email with a PIN to complete the transfer.

Ro-Matt would prefer if you ZIP your files prior to uploading, and name the file in reference to the project it is associated with ( if applicable ). Example. Job-25343.zip

Please enter “info@ro-matt.com” in the “To:” box, or the email address of your RO-MATT team employee if known. Please also include your email address in the “From:” box to ensure we are clear who the sender is.

The Ro-Matt team uses the Microsoft platform for email & correspondence services.  This includes the use of Microsoft Share Point, OneDrive, and Microsoft Teams.  If you wish to contact us or send files using these platforms please reach out to your Ro-matt team member for their contact information.

If you do not have a Ro-Matt team member to contact, please visit our CONTACT page or give us a call to reach out to us.

We also have other means of large file transfers including traditional FTP if required.